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I’m an Independant Musician

DistroKid kind of saved my ass. I work a regular restaurant job most of the week. I’m pretty much a solo artist at this point. This means I have little to no team on my side to help get what I need done. When I wound up in this position I was really pessimistic in the beginning. But I found quickly that if you can provide the money, which is really not that much money, you can make it work.

I grew up with the idea of playing shows to win attention from record executives. I started from this dreamland concept of how to, “Make It”. That music industry is dying, and a new more accessible and challenging one has come upon us. I struggled through social platform setups, and building this website only to ask a bigger more important question.

“How do I distribute my music?”

I quickly found DistroKid.com

There are several options out there for musical distribution and digital royalty collections. The most highly recommended off the bat was DistroKid. I went to the website with the intention of signing up, but let’s be honest in saying that the final decision was a financial one. There are several packages to buy from, but for just one artist trying to promote his or her own music it only costs $20 a year.

I spend $20 on much less within a week. So the idea of a twenty a year was not very hard to choose. I signed up immediately to an artist profile and uploaded my first single, “Hard To Tell”. My favorite part about this is that the website is super easy to navigate. After finding my way through the menagerie of pages on any other social site like twitter, pinterest, tumblr, IG, FB, YT, or any other; their site was clean and simple.

How I Found Them

There is a Youtube channel called Curtiss King music that I watch for advice here or there. Curtis was the first of many many people that have made videos about their experiences with DistroKid.com. I like Curtis’ personality and felt that I could trust him enough for a look into it. I am anything but disappointed.

To add a little extra about his brand, Curtis is my go to for advice on how the music business is working today. He also provides quite a bit of information on brand developing and all other aspects and questions pertaining to independent artists, producers, rappers, or beat makers. I highly recommend his channel.


How Is DistroKid Working For Me?

I launched my first single as a test to see how everything would work out. Quickly people in my circle were hitting me up to tell me how great my single sounds.


This instantly satisfied me and I can’t wait to release the rest of my album soon. I also thought of all of the time I saved, not having to deal with each site separately. Thanks to this, I am very happy with my subscription. One of the bigger mistakes we cam make as independent artists is doing it all ourselves.

Great people know how to delegate their workload. There are only 24 hours in the day, therefore you must pick carefully what requires your attention. It’s just not possible to do it all by yourself. Thankfully there are more and more platforms out there to assist if you have the money.

In Closing

I really hope that I can make all of this work and get people to my music. More than that though, when I do I hope to get the chance to represent DistroKid to the world. There are so many of us with wonderful ideas. You no longer have to sell your soul or give up a limb for exposure. The tools are out here and all that’s left is the work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Please come back for more.

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