How I Started: The Story of My Father’s Guitar

How I Started Playing Guitar

This is the story of how I started playing guitar.

I was ten years old when one day my parents bought me a tiny acoustic guitar. It was small, designed for the hands of a child. My father sat down to show me how to play that day. I cried at the pain of the hard steel strings scraping the tips of my fingers. I hadn’t really learned the value of pushing through pain yet, so I said that I couldn’t do it and put the guitar away. A year or so went by and my mother decided to sell the guitar because I never touched the thing.

This could have been the end, as I began skateboarding and drawing. Things could have really gone another direction, but one day I found a family treasure. I was snooping around my parents’ bedroom for Christmas presents, and the most common hiding spots were in the closet….. or under the bed.

There it was under the bed

So as I’m searching around for the surface of plastic, cardboard, or gift wrapping, and I find an old black plastic surface. There’s curved contours, and silver colored clips holding things together. As I started to pull it out I saw what I would now recognize as a travel case for an electric guitar. I pulled the clips, opened it up, and found what I now know to be a 1986 Peavey T-60 with a maple neck, and a gloss black body and pick guard. I was in love with this look.

The shine of the finish, and the chrome or silver, maybe even steel looking hardware all over. The frets, and the tuning pegs, and the bridge, and the electronic components. I didn’t know how to say it at that time, but I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I wanted to become an electric guitar player.

Something about the look of it….

How I Started

I was twelve that day, and i hit the ground running. The only guitars in the house were my father’s guitars, so i had to make it work on guitars built for adults. Funny to think, but it’s not the first time I gave up and came back later and did it with more challenge. I didn’t really have much of my own taste for music at the time either, so it was classic rock and whatever was on the radio in 2005. Back then I played to AC/DC, Green Day, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, and anything else that I could find at the time. I love this guitar, and its role in how I started.

Thats How I Started, Where is it Now?

Nowadays this guitar is still with my father. When I was about eight years into my journey, my parents bought me a 300$ Mexican Fender Stratocaster. I love my Stratocaster and play it just about everyday. I still keep good strings on the peavey. One day I plan to give it an important role in a project. Its sound sits somewhere in between a Fender and a Gibson, and will provide a good contrary texture relative to a Stratocaster.

This is a story that I’m all too happy to tell. I feel as if I hold only the end of the story from my father’s perspective. He played as well, he just didn’t take it as far, or made it as central to his life. He dreamed of being a great guitar player, and now I’m living that dream. In one way or another, its more of a continuation of a family aspiration then a personal beginning. I’m not the first musician in my family, and I hope I won’t be the last; but most of all I want to make it real for my family.

My dream isn’t really mine anymore, it never really was. It’s built out of the love and dreams of every family member and friend that ever loved me. I hope I can take your love and build something beautiful with it everyday.

Thanks To All, Have A great Day

1 thought on “How I Started: The Story of My Father’s Guitar

  1. Kim Morrison says:

    Nicely written Jakes – we love you so much and your music brings us so much joy- carry on our son! Make it yours!!
    ~Mom and Dad


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