My First Piece of Musical Work – Jacob Morrison Side A

Musical Work of Thursday May 16th 2019

Today I release my very first Musical Work as a solo artist and I’m so excited. I’ve decided to name it Side A as a nod to vinyls back in the day. Its been a difficult road to this point but I’ve finally got something to show for all of my trouble. I payed for the copyright, as well as mixed and mastered the tracks alongside my friend Alex.

Weekends out at the recording studio were so challenging. Its so much easier to sit and watch your favorite show. By the way, my favorite show at the moment is Bob’s Burgers. Back to my point, I’m happy to have made the sacrifice. I work 5 days a week in a restaurant that I won’t name, and spend whatever free time I have left on this love of mine.

The Link for my Musical Work

This hyperlink will take you to my music.—side-a

The Cover

Jacob Morrison Side A cover

My lovely wife Theresa took a bunch of photos by the Cumberland River about a month ago. This was easily the best of many good photos. I wanted to offer an authentic and unpolished look at me as a person. Too many Musical Works are vague or overly fancy, this one works great.

The Journey

This particular musical work has been in the works since probably three years ago, depending on how you look at it. First of all was the single “Hard To Tell”. I wrote this song when I was in the trio “FuzzRugg”. Similar to this song, “Blame Game” and “Groove With Me” were written while I was in this group as well.

Things didn’t workout with the lineup and “FuzzRugg” came to a close, nevertheless I decided to hang onto the best three songs that I wrote under that group name. Another bass player came along, and more songs were developed, but the lineup was never solidified. Luckily enough, we played a show at Tim Lynch’s bonfire in about 2017 I think. Tim’s drummer Alex offered to record us for free so I got in contact with him.

The Studio

I quickly started to record with Alex on a regular basis. I made a lot of mistakes, several more excuses. The studio can be unforgiving, and me and Alex were still developing a rapport. As time passed though, I got really good at creating simple and memorable guitar and vocal parts. Towards the end of recording Side A with Alex and other guests, I recruited my previous bandmate and his new roommate to help finish the record.

Jesse Edwards played drums on all 5 songs on this record, and Ju Barrel played bass guitar on 4 of them. I had a lot of fun with these musicians, and highly recommend their services to any out there looking. The record wouldn’t be the same without them. I was happy to play bass on “The Little Things”, and since have enjoyed developing my bass guitar playing abilities for future musical works.

The Songs

Side A’s Track Listing is as such: 1. Hard To Tell, 2. Blame Game, 3. The Little Things, 4. Groove With Me, 5. Out of My Head. My favorite thing about these songs is that I can see my own ability to write, sing, and play guitar developing and evolving through each track. More time passed in between completion of each song than you might believe. As a result, I sound a bit different each track. This makes me very happy.

For me this is not about appearing as polished and flawless as possible, but to show my journey to accomplishing my own polish. I’ll never be perfect, and thankfully so. I never want to stop honing these skills. I never want to stop making songs for everyone to enjoy, and hopefully even to relate to. This philosophy is even at the core of me releasing this now.

This is me as I am.

In Conclusion of My Musical Work

It would be a lie if I told you that I’m not scared. I am scared that you won’t like it, or that no one will even listen. But I stand to lose much more by not releasing it. I’m much more terrified of never showing it to the world. So there is really only one answer. So here we go.

I really hope that you find some type of value in these songs, and more are on the way. Until then, Thank you so much for reading.

Have a great night.

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