The Stratocaster – My Favorite Guitar

On my guitar journey my parents made a deal with me early. They both told me that if I got really good and proved that I would cherish and love it for my whole life…. they would buy me a guitar.

So 8 years later they finally came through at a Sam Ash in like 2008 maybe? I forget what year exactly, but I still remember how hard it was to decide. I’m a very analytical person, but this sometimes throws me off so i decided with my gut. My favorite guitar player at that time was John Mayer, so you can imagine what I went for.

I saw a beautiful maple necked, sunburst bodied, Fender Stratocaster with a white pick guard. It was 300$ and from Mexico. I’ve had this guitar ever since and loved every minute of it.

beautiful sunlit picture of a fender stratocaster in an open case.
My first love Zephyr

This guitar has been a blessing all along, and only for one reason does it taunt me. The Fender Stratocaster has a tone and distinct style or flavor that inevitably brings me and my craft into comparison with John Mayer. This used to bother me, but I love to hear it now. He is the most prominent Strat player to the public eye, and the reason I started listening to the blues. I hope to meet with John one day and express to him how much his music means to me.

This guitar will have one more change soon. I plan to install Fishman pickups.A guy name Tosin Abasi plays their pickups. Abasi’s work with Animals as Leaders is amazing and changes guitar forever. I really enjoy the tone this company made for his guitar. Luckily Fishman offers a loaded pick-guard for the Stratocaster, loaded with Fishman Fluence Single coils.

I plan to record at least three albums worth of music with this guitar before making a conscious change, but you never know how it will go. If there’s anyone out there who wants to play guitar, the Stratocaster is the best in my opinion. Its all personal preference, but this guitar was the main tool of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Gilmour, and John Frusciante. Its so versatile. I love it. Try one.

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