My First Album, And How I’m Launching It

The cover of my first single. This is a picture of me playing in front of an old peavey classic 50 and a P-bass.
The Cover for my Single

My first album ever will be released soon, I just released the single for it called, “Hard To Tell”. This one took almost a year to complete by myself. I’ve been through many ups and downs in the making of just five songs. Emotionally, Mentally, even socially, but it all feels worth it to sit in my car and listen to it from beginning to end.

How am I launching this my First Album?

So there’s a bit of a process here, outside of actually writing the songs of course. Once you’ve got your product, mixed and mastered to perfection or as close as you can get, you start a network. In reality, your network is people. The people who you hang out with, the people you work with, and most importantly anyone who has ever given your art or craft the time of day. You really want people to be at the center of your focus because it doesn’t matter how you get their attention, just that you do. People use word of mouth primarily, but I’m going to address the online network.

My first Goal: The Website

Goal number one was making a website. I used for my domain name, and hosting. Like most everyone else, I use WordPress as a website builder. There’s a whole lot of little steps that I may cover in the future, but Youtube can answer almost any question. Both WordPress, Cpanel, and Namecheap have wonderful customer assistance representatives waiting to answer your questions as well. So this process is ridiculously less difficult and daunting than you are currently imagining.

Regardless of what medium of art or craft that you practice, building a website to represent your business is crucial. This is the only hope for creating a viable source of income out of your passion. There is a side-note here I would like to give about a website called DistroKid. It’s an online distribution website that will put your music on all the top music streaming and marketplace sites. It’s the most recommended, and its what I’m using to distribute my first single, as well as my first album.

My Second Goal: The Networks

The second goal is to link all of the social platforms that you use back to your focal point. My focal point is my website and my Instagram. There’s so many platforms to go through, all of which have different contexts and communities to learn and work with. I focus upon the big three, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Im currently crafting ideas on how to leverage each platform for the release of my first album. You can imagine how text, photos, or videos will perform relative to the platforms you’re using. Youtube is straight video, IG is a mix of photos and videos, and Facebook uses all three.

There’s still so much other than those like Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more are being made each day. The important thing I look for is focus. Though you can take advantage of all of these platforms, consistency is key and you probably should only pick the ones you plan to be able to work with over and over.

My Third Goal: The Grind

All of these so called “goals” really all have the same principle in mind. You want to put yourself out there, and connect with the people who might listen to your work. First and foremost though, find those people who already do listen and try to spend time with them. A quality die-hard fan from day one beats a fickle fan every time. The people that loved you before it all got started are the foundation for your fanbase.

There are also always other artists in the scene to collaborate with, or fans who’d love to learn to play. With this principle in mind, the last goal is totally opposite from the previous two. Offline traffic, and word of mouth. The oldest network on the planet. Talk to people, figure out what they like and dislike about what you’re doing. This feedback is invaluable data.

You’ve got to get out there and be a part of people’s live’s. Your time is the best investment you can make. Just give, and keep giving, and keep loving and hopefully this love return. You’ll never force anyone to love you, just like you’ll never force someone to buy your art. It’s about relationship and trust.

In Closing

I’ve never actually done this before so I’m very excited to see how this goes. I haven’t actually come up with a name for my first album just yet. I’ve just launched my first single, “Hard To Tell”, and I am using Instagram promotions to raise awareness before the rest of the songs go up. Once this is all up and running the only step left is to go play live, anywhere that I can.

Until the next update, have a wonderful day. I hope you enjoy…

And a huge thanks to anyone who’s reading this. This blog is in its early days right now, if you’re reading this…. you are my fanbase foundation.

Thank you all

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  1. KMorrison says:

    Awesome job Jake!! Keep it rolling. Rember you have everything you need within you!


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