“The Process” and Making Side B

“The Process” by Gift Vision

Side B is Almost Complete

So this summer I’ve been hard at work on what i thought was five more songs, but turns out to be about seven more. I’ve had some ups and some downs, some victories and defeats, but it’s finally starting to feel like it’s leading somewhere. This wonderful Promo “The Process” up above was shot by my Father in law Mario Davis. He is a wonderful photographer and videographer, who runs his own brand called “Gift Vision”. This promo was the result of him tagging along for a day in the studio. In fact this particular session was to record my Side B single. “Mi Amor”.

I’ve got to be honest, this part was hard. On “Side A” I had the help of two wonderful musicians on Bass and Drums to make the project happen. This time it was just me and my good friend Alex Arzemastov. Alex played drums for the Grammy Nominated Russian Country band, “Bering Strait”. Alex is also a practicing Audio Engineer, and a pretty damn good producer as well. This made tracking drums for “Side B” an easy task, but left me learning how to play bass for my songs. I would say that I am a pretty decent Bass player now. I’m at least good enough to track to metronome, and in the studio that’s what really counts.

The Process and My Struggle

I think that my main struggle was to believe in myself. When things came to an end with the last group of musicians i felt as if It was all my fault. I felt like I was a terrible leader and I brought it all crashing down. But slowly, as I began to carry through on my own, I realized that I have what it takes to complete this record. Half of the difficulty in any band is scheduling out your lives to be able to be in the same place at the right time. I could go on as to other difficulties, but my point is that I surprised myself. However this all turned out, I’m so thankful for it in the end. Now i know more than ever before, I can do this. I can make music.

On several occasions now I’ve driven an hour into Kentucky and sat down in a wood shack with microphones and a computer and got the track on the first try. There’s really nothing more satisfying. The act of recording is a beautiful process. I can’t wait to buy my own gear to be able to record on my own at home. So many hours of work and practice have to happen, and the I get to distill them into a fine product. Thats why I love the name “The Process”. This summer has literally been The Process of changing my own mind.

In Closing

I’ll hopefully be releasing Side B soon, and will later release all songs my self titled first album. If you’ve read any of my posts, watched any of my videos, listened to any of my songs, or come to see me play live, thank you so much. It means more to me than you know. This is all I’ve ever wanted to be, and hope that my sounds can offer you some value or joy on your journey through this life. If you haven’t listened, a link to “Side A” will be posted below.

SIde A from track 1 to 5. Have a listen if you don’t mind.

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